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Sifting Through ProLon Reviews? A Moderated Perspective on the Fasting Mimicking Diet.

Have you ever imagined being able to reap the benefits of fasting while still enjoying delicious meals? Enter the ProLon fasting mimicking diet, a five-day nutrient-rich program designed to provide all the perks of fasting without severe hunger pangs. This diet, a brainchild of biochemist Valter Longo, is designed to trick your body into a fasting state, offering potential weight loss, belly fat trimming, and even anti-aging benefits. I know there are a lot of Prolon reviews. I want to share my journey with you.

Key Takeaways

  • Experience the ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet and transform your life - lose weight, lower cholesterol, and decrease IG-1 levels.

  • Explore a wide range of vegetarian meals that are gluten-free and lactose-free with the easy-to-use meal kit.

  • Ensure success in your journey by establishing objectives, beginning with intermittent fasting beforehand, and obtaining abundant sleep during the process.

Diving Into the ProLon Experience

Picture a diet that enables you to reduce weight, burn belly fat, and even stop aging without getting hungry. Doesn’t that sound too good to be true? However, that is exactly what the ProLon diet claims to do. This five-day “fasting mimicking” diet involves tricking your body into thinking it is fasting without undergoing the discomfort or risk of an actual water-only fast. However, the good news is that the diet provides all the food you need for the five days of fasting.

Contrary to my skepticism, my ProLon diet experience had a transformative impact. I was on a diet and my body felt like it was starting from scratch. The fast made me have so much energy, I was refreshed and at times even went to bed early while normally I am a night owl. My appetite for sweets and unhealthy food decreased, making meal planning post-fast easier and undoubtedly healthier.

What's Inside the Box

What exactly will you be feeding yourself for these five days of fasting? The ProLon meal kit, which conveniently fits into a box no larger than a shoebox, contains a variety of:

  • soups

  • bars

  • crackers

  • teas

These diet meals and snacks are specially designed to provide the nutrients your body needs but with the calories kept low. Hibiscus tea is also part of the diet used for flavoring glycerol solution — this one is refreshing as well.

Individual boxes are used to pack meals for every day of the fast, thus simplifying the process of determining one’s daily meals. From the savory tomato soup and crunchy kale crackers to the sweet nut bar, your taste buds will never be bored. Additionally, the ProLon diet is vegetarian, and there are no restrictions on lactose content or gluten.

The Taste Test

One of the most asked questions about the diet is, ‘Is the taste of the meals yummy?’ When starting the diet, I had the same query. Surprisingly, the food was not only tolerable but quite tasty. My favorite was the crackers. And the lemon spearmint tea? Absolutely delightful! It was like an indulgent treat that also helped to suppress my appetite.

Nonetheless, not everything was a smash hit. In my opinion, the mushroom soup was far from delicious. Nevertheless, the total quality of the foodstuffs was impressive, and the diversity made the diet less annoying. Furthermore, the thought that these meals were rich in vital nutrients and contributing towards my health objectives, made them taste even better. With all the foods available, it was easy to find something enjoyable.

Preparing for the Fast

Both in the mental and physical aspects, the preparation for the ProLon fasting plan is essential. As such, I will be sharing some lessons learned on my side.

Firstly, be real with yourself on your health goals. Why are you doing this? What do you expect to come out of this? Set some goals for yourself that will sustain your energy levels throughout the fast.

Secondly, if you are a beginner in fasting, you may have to try intermittent fasting for one or two weeks in order to prepare your body to accept fasting.

During the fast period, ensure that you have enough sleep. I discovered that during the fasting period, I was going to bed early, and this not only made sure of energy restoration but also lowered on the length of time I was asleep and potentially feeling hungry.

Also, you may find yourself wanting to spend your free time on workouts, but it's suggested, avoid physical activity while fasting. Light walking or stretching is good, but be sure to avoid any vigorous activity.

Real Results: Weight Loss and Beyond

Let’s move ahead to the outcomes. In the end, observable and touchable outcomes are just what we hope for when following a diet or health scheme. However, that is precisely where ProLon makes a difference. The diet is made to allow for fat burning, which is known to cause weight loss and belly fat removal. However, these benefits go beyond that. ProLon fasting mimicking program can also change cholesterol and IGF-1 values, which usually correlate with longevity and health

In the given duration,

I lost 5 pounds of weight

I felt energized

My body felt lighter

I found a renewed pleasure in eating food

It was a win-win, short-term engagement with long-term positive impacts

Shedding Pounds

A major effect of the ProLon program is weight loss. The diet allows you to lose weight by burning fat. For me, I shed off 5 pounds during the fasting period. The typical amount of weight loss of ProLon fasting participants is between 5 and 8 lbs. Colleen, my best friend whom I told about the fast, lost a big 8 lbs. Wow.

Health Markers

ProLon fasting diet is not only about losing weight, but also about improving health markers. Cholesterol and IGF-1 levels have shown significant improvement for some during the fast. These changes suggest the possibility of health benefits such as protection against heart diseases and diabetes.

These benefits are supported by scientific studies. Research has shown that ProLon can lead to reductions in circulating levels of:







This improvement of gut health and risk factors of age, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer make ProLon potential health benefits.

Feeling Full?

The first question I asked myself is the typical one, ' How could anyone be satisfied on such a low-calorie diet? The answer lies in the carefully planned out meals and snacks of the ProLon meal kit. These meals are formulated to promote a feeling of fullness by:

Strengthening hunger and satiety cues

Incorporating a balance of macronutrients

Including high-fiber ingredients

Using flavorful herbs and spices

The ProLon meal plan will ensure that you do not feel unsatisfied and hungry but still achieve your weight loss goal.

The ProLon meal plan will keep you from feeling unsatisfied and hungry while helping you achieve your weight loss goal.

With the ProLon meal plan, you can enjoy being well-nourished and satisfied while losing weight.

The ProLon foods prevented hunger in me during my fast. With the nutritious meals and fixed meal times, I felt full all day long. I also had my own share of hunger intervals, none very serious and never in any way an obstacle to me. This way, and this really is one of the factors that make it possible to accept ProLon so easily, you can indeed feel full while still on a diet.

The Daily Grind: Following the ProLon Plan

In fact, following the ProLon plan for five days is no easy task. It is also not without its problems as any diet. But at the same time it is a road of rediscovery. The tribulations I faced help me understand my relationship toward food. I learned something new every day about how to survive and grow. Whether it was about fending off the hunger pains, managing my energy levels or dealing with the social events that came once a day and left twice daily.

The practicality of ProLon is simple. Every day you are served ready-to-eat meals. The first day contains about 1050 calories, higher than the other days which range between 700 and 80. No guessing, just take the plan. But the real problem with any diet is not what to eat but how much. When do you feel the rumblings of your stomach? How do you manage cravings? How do you get your energy? These are all questions that you’ll find your answers to as the ProLon leads you on this journey.

Getting Through Day One

The first day of ProLon was a period of adaptation. It was my first attempt at a fasting diet, and I didn't really know what to expect. However, I was eager and anxious about the change it was going to bring. For food, the day began with an L-bar and a cup of black coffee; minestrone soup with kale crackers and olives were had for lunch; and tomato soup was taken as dinner.

There is nothing to complain about in the first day. The breakfasts, lunches, and dinners were enough, and meal times were predetermined to stick to the schedule. I was feeling good towards the end of the day and ready to do the other part of the fast. I also discovered that I was observing more keenly as I ate and was beginning to enjoy the flavors and textures of the food. It was a day of meditation, introspection, as well as gratitude for food.

Midweek Milestones

By the mid-week, I could already feel how my body was adapting to the ProLon diet. I was feeling well and the energy was steady, although the calories intake had reduced. I also realized that my hunger pangs were weak than I thought. Yes, there were instances when I wanted to eat a Crumble cookie or a slice of pizza. However, these desires were controllable, and they didn’t stop me from progressing.

One of the great things about the ProLon diet is that it is not only about what you should not eat, but also about what you can eat again. For breakfast on day three, I had a nut bar. For lunch, I had a bowl of tomato soup and a few olives. Tomato soup was also my dinner. Every meal was a reminder of the delicious flavors that simple nutrition can create.

Finishing Strong

The last day of the fast made me feel like I deserved a celebration. Because of the success of the fast and because I was beginning to see results. I was lighter, my clothes fit well, and I felt satisfied. Although the fast had presented me with new challenges that I had not anticipated, it had also revealed that I could go beyond what I had perceived of myself capable.

However, the ProLon fast was also quite rewarding despite the challenges. It helped me to break away from my comfort zone and view my relationship with foods from a different perspective. It demonstrated that I could manage my appetite instead of letting it manage me. Also, it reminded me about the essentiality of feeding my body with nourishing foods rich in nutrients.

Lifestyle Integration: Making ProLon Work for You

The ProLon diet has a big advantage as it is not a one-time activity, but a recurrent process. It is tailor-made to fit your daily routine, enabling you to choose healthier options and inculcate healthier eating habits. However, how do you achieve this? How do you use ProLon in your daily life?

The key is balance. While on the ProLon diet, it’s important to:

Balance exercise and activity levels

Navigate social eating situations

A healthy way to transition back to regular meals.

Be attentive to your body and provide it with what it wants to have.

The ProLon diet is about recognizing the needs of the body and responding in ways that promote health. It can be a small amount of extra rest, a gentle walk, or a nutrient-rich meal. Especially for those living with an autoimmune disease.

Exercise and Activity

The ProLon diet suggests that while eating it, you should participate in light to moderate physical activities only. It can be something as simple as a stroll outside, or it may include some exercise class. That's the idea--to keep your body stretching and moving, but not straining. But bear in mind that while the fast is going on, your body must work with only fewer calories than usual. You just have to listen to what’s best for you.

While I was fasting, light exercise helped to pass the time and keep my strength up. In the morning I would walk a little, stretch gently in the afternoon and finish with some relaxing weight exercises. This was an excellent way to exert oneself without going overboard.

Social Eating Dilemmas

The social eating situations created a hurdle for me in the ProLon diet. Food plays a large role in our social lives, from family meals to office banquets. Therefore, how can you follow the ProLon program when everyone around is eating a big meal? The key is all about planning and communication.

When going to a social event I would communicate my dietary restrictions with the host. Most people are considerate and understanding. I would also think ahead and bring my own ProLon meal or snack. So this way, I could still take part in the social aspect of the meal and yet stay on track. And don't forget, it’s only for five days. You can always make up for feasting once you break the fast.

Post-ProLon Transition

The return to regular meals is a key step in the process. After five days of little eating, be sure to eat things gradually if you don't want to send your system into shock. The first day after the diet is over, you can begin with liquefied foods like soups and fruit juices; gradually add in solids such as rice, pasta or small portions of meat fish. I broke my fast on the 6th day with avocado toast.

It's also a great time to evaluate your eating habits and correct any faulty ones. Following the fast you may more clearly realize when your stomach is empty or full, and better know what kinds of foods to eat. With this new awareness, use it to make healthier choices and develop better eating habits. Just keep in mind that the ProLon diet isn’t all about a five-day fast. It is really trying to shape up your relationship with food, so you can have a healthier one.

First Impressions

The diet might even seem a bit startling to those first trying ProLon. For five-day fasting, with the aid of ProLon meals even, this may seem like a tall order. Yet many first-timers find the experience to be a pleasant surprise. They say they feel great, lose weight and even sleep great.

The last few days are the hardest. A hungry stomach may protest, especially with it measures and you get some side effects like headaches or fatigue. Of course, most repeat offenders find that these manifestations gradually diminish the longer they maintain their fasts. By dinner time on day five, you may feel proud and energetic from being able to refuse all food for so long a period.

Repeat Fasters

I attended the Prolon Facebook community and the Zoom sessions that come with the fast, and I found people who use ProLon again and again, make the diet into one of their daily health regimens. For whatever reason, they resume the fast--whether it's to protect heart health or treat symptoms of low blood sugar (polyuria and excessive thirst), or simply because they feel more alert after a day without eating. The more they do it, the easier this gets.

Many repeat fasters report that their results are better than those of first-timers, in terms of weight loss and cholesterol levels. They also notice much greater improvements in health indicators such as mental alertness. They also discover that their hunger pangs are less frequent and they have more strength during the five days.


The ProLon fasting diet is more than just a five-day fast. It's a quest for self-reliance, an exercise in persistence and mental strength, and a road to fitness. Thanks to its scientifically-based meal plans, you can reap the undesirable aspects of fasting without having to endure severe hunger. If you plan on using the diet to shed some pounds, improve your health markers or simply want to test yourself then this is a journey well worth making.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ProLon really good for you?

The ProLon Diet seems to offer some possible health advantages, including helping remove belly fat and guarding against heart disease. Also, any fasting or specific diet program must be tailored to your own needs. Before you get started, consult with your healthcare provider for proper guidance.

What is the average weight loss on ProLon?

The 5-day cycle of ProLon has been proven to help people lose an average weight loss of 8.2 lbs and slim around their waist circumference by .6 inches, which includes stubborn visceral fat in the area around one's belly! over their three cycles (one per month for 3 months) participants lost an average of 5.7 lbs each.

What are the side effects of ProLon L drink?

ProLon L may have side effects, including headaches and fatigue. It has few carbs and low fiber content which can lead to constipation. However, everyone's experience is different.

Can you drink coffee on ProLon fast?

Yes you can have one cup of black coffee per day on the ProLon regimen. Plain water with no sweeteners or creamer.

What is the ProLon fasting mimicking diet?

You've tried everything to lose weight but those pounds just won't budge. So how could such a fast really work? The ProLon fasting mimicking program offers a five-day strategy for helping your body trick itself into thinking it has been starved while still getting food.

Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a small commission if you purchase through these links at no additional cost to you. As an Prolon/ L-Nutra Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. All opinions in this article remain my own and I only recommend products or services I actually believe will be valuable to my readers. I appreciate you supporting the brands and site links that make this blog possible, allowing me to create free content. Thank you!

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